Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – how to avoid it

In this post we start by highlighting the dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Then we explain what carbon monoxide is, what causes it and the symptoms to look out for. After that, we show you how a simple Carbon Monoxide Detector (also known as a CO detector) can protect you and your loved ones from harmful exposure to carbon monoxide in the home.


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Now, you can protect your family with a simple, low cost, battery powered, easy-to-fit detector. Installation is straight forward requiring very basic DIY skills.



What is Carbon Monoxide?


Carbon Monoxide is a natural by-product of burning fuel for cooking or heating in the home. Exposure is usually well controlled and remains within acceptable safety standards.

Carbon Monoxide

But, breathing-in excessive amounts of this toxic gas can make us feel unwell. And, exposure to high enough levels  can prove fatal.


In fact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, estimates that each year about 400 Americans die from CO poisoning, and 4,000 more are hospitalized.


How Is Carbon Monoxide Formed?


The most common cause is incorrectly installed, poorly maintained or badly ventilated household appliances such as gas fires, coal or log burning fires, central heating boilers. But, it can also be caused by blocked (or partially blocked) flues and chimneys.


If your fuel burning appliances are professionally installed and regularly serviced, and your flues and chimneys are in good condition you have nothing to worry about, carbon monoxide will most likely be safely vented to the outside and CO will be within acceptable levels.


But, sometimes things can go wrong. For example, appliances can develop a fault. Or, flues and chimneys can become blocked. Harmful gas can then start to build up within your home. Without a CO detector, you would not be aware that this was happening until it’s too late.


What Are The Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?


The symptoms of CO poisoning include: headaches, nausea, dizziness, tiredness and confusion, stomach pain and shortness of breath. But long term exposure can be much worse, and include: vertigo, ataxia or even heart related issues.


Here’s the good news:

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is easy to detect.


Here’s the really good news:

CO Detectors are easy to install.
Battery powered  – no mains electricity, no wires and no mess.


Here’s the really, really good news:

CO Detectors are NOT expensive.


As a qualified electrician and alarm installer with over 25 years industry experience, I carry out extensive research before using or recommending any equipment. My reputation depends on it.


I have installed the Kidde 7DCO Carbon Monoxide Detector in my own home. It took less that 10 minutes. This is the product that I recommend to all my customers!


Watch the video to see how super easy it is to install the Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm:

It takes less than 10 minuets using very basic DIY skills.



The Kidde 7DCO Carbon Monoxide Alarm has many useful features.

• Lights will show you if the device is working properly.
• A display gives a continuous indication of the room’s CO levels.
• The unit will show you if there has been a problem whilst you were out.
• A test button allows you to test the alarm at any time.
• The item comes with 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.
• The detector is very stylish and compact, at 118mm (width) x 70mm (height) x 40mm (depth).
Box Contains: 1 x CO alarm, 1 x Screw pack, 1 x Instruction manual.






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